Bearweb boosts security with Duo

Duo requires Bearweb users to access accounts through a two-factor authentication method. Students must switch to Duo by Oct. 4 in order to register for spring classes. Photo credit: Timothy Hong

By Isabella Maso | Reporter

Beginning Oct. 4,, students will have to register for a two-step login verification process called Duo to gain access to Bearweb.

With Duo, students will still use their Bear ID and password to log in to Bearweb. However, to fully gain access to the system, a code will be sent to students’ smartphones or tablets in order to complete the login process.

In preparation for this change, Baylor Information and Technology Services has sent out a “Bear Aware” security alert through an email titled “Additional Security Coming to Bearweb – October 4, 2016” to inform students and staff they need to register for the new system.

“It is vital that students register as soon as possible in order to access BearWeb,” the email said. “After this date, you will no longer use your Baylor ID Number and PIN. Instead, you will need to use your Bear ID (e.g., Betty_Baylor) and password along with a Duo two-factor authentication method.”

The new Duo system with two-factor authentication is necessary to access everything on Bearweb from time cards to financial aid and class schedules.

Baylor Information and Technology Services makes this transition in the interest of maintaining a secure system for students and staff.

“Passwords no longer represent a great way to secure sensitive information,” said Jon Allen, Baylor Information and Technology Services assistant vice president and chief information security officer. “If you think about it, passwords are fairly easy for somebody to compromise because of phishing scams.”

Eudora, Kan. senior Emily Durkin finds the transition to be more of an added inconvenience to the login process.

“I understand why they would want the extra security, but it sounds like it would be a pain to have to login with a code every time,” Durkin said.

Allen acknowledges that students may consider the login process an inconvenience.

“People hear this stuff and think, ‘Oh, fictionally, that can happen,’ but these are real stories and real things that are happening on campuses today. This isn’t us just being paranoid; this is the world we live in today. People do target universities highly,” Allen said.

For assistance registering for Duo, Baylor Information and Technology Services will be hosting Duo assistance tables throughout the month of September across campus.

You can register for Duo here:

For more information about where the Duo tables will be, visit: