New kind of workout to hit Waco at Orangetheory

By Morgan Kilgo | Broadcast Reporter

Orangetheory is the latest fitness facility to hit Waco.

Located in the Lake Air Shopping Center, Orangetheory is a different kind of workout compared to what Waco has seen before.

Each member is given a heart rate monitor to wear during the workout. The monitor is then connected wirelessly to the TV screens around the room. Members are able to monitor their heart rate and how many total calories they are burning while working out.

“I would say that Orangetheory Fitness is the closest you can get to a perfect workout,” said James Ratfliff, Orangetheory Coach. “A lot of people, when they are just in the gym or even with a trainer, it’s difficult if you’re not watching your heart rate. With Orangetheory Fitness, it’s right there in your face, on the screen, and you know whether you’re pushing yourself too little or if you’re pushing yourself too much.”

The workout is all based on three levels of pace: base pace displayed by a green screen, push pace displayed by an orange screen, and all out pace displayed by a red screen. The goal of the workout is to stay in the orange screen or “zone” for as many minutes as possible with the idea that the orange zone is where you burn fat.

“With this, I go in, I’m completely focused, nobody interrupts me, I am there for an hour and I’m working hard” said Shawna Latino, an Orangetheory member. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. It’s a very intense workout.”