Church Under the Bridge welcomes all walks of life

By Morgan Kilgo | Broadcast Reporter

Church Under the Bridge has been serving Waco’s homeless community for the past 24 years.

According the church’s website, the church was started by a Christian couple and a Baylor student as a place for “black, white, brown, rich and poor, educated in the streets and in the university, all worshiping the living God, who makes us one.”
The trio developed the idea after befriending and worshiping with a few of the men who were living under I-35 near Baylor’s campus.

“Most Baylor students come from faith backgrounds but haven’t been exposed to the wider world,” Church Under the Bridge’s Senior Pastor Jimmy Dorrell said. “They don’t know the world of the poor, the world of brokenness. When you come into the Church Under the Bridge, you come into a mixed world.”

Dorrell often speaks at Baylor Chapel — encouraging students to come out to a service and experience Church Under the Bridge for themselves.
“I love the environment. There’s all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds,” Reading, Penn. freshman Steven Kuipers said. “It’s so diverse, and that’s the biggest thing for me.”

Church Under Bridge has one service every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.