Blacc performs despite the rain

Aloe Blacc, best known for his hit song “I’m the Man,” performs in the SUB instead of Fountain Mall for the Traditions Rally due to severe weather. Photo credit: Timothy Hong

Rain or shine, students showed their Baylor pride at the Traditions Rally on Thursday night. As the tailgate event started off, students were met with a good deal of rain, which resulted in the rally being canceled. Even with the spirit rally being postponed indefinitely, nothing could dampen the pride the students showed in Baylor.

Before the cancellation, students gathered in Fountain Mall to enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, corn hole and many other activities. Fraternities lined the fence offering students barbecue, water and a social atmosphere. In order to boost morale and remind students of school traditions, replicas of the ’80s line jerseys were being sold. Many students sported their line jerseys in preparation for their first time running the Line tomorrow evening.

tradrally_LP-September 01, 2016-2FTW.jpg
Photo credit: Liesje Powers

“I was excited to see what Baylor spirit was all about,” said Wallowa County, Ore. freshman Diane Reimer. Reimer recently transferred from a smaller institution and had yet to be exposed to such an abundance of school spirit.

Even as the rain progressed, optimism and the good Baylor spirit kept on. Granite Bay, Calif., sophomore Robin Vo said even though it was raining, she was still glad that the Baylor community was coming together to celebrate the beginning of a great football season. Vo, as well as many other students, are excited to take on Northwestern in the first home game of the season.

Students were disappointed by the cancellation of the time-honored Traditions Rally, but the night was not over. Aloe Blacc’s performance was moved from Fountain Mall to the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center as soon as the tailgate event was being being cleared out. Students quickly flooded the Student Union Building as the drawing room was being set up.

Trad_Rally_THSeptember 01, 2016_FTW.jpg
Photo credit: Timothy Hong

Pasadena sophomore Miseal Garcia said he was excited to see Blacc.

“It’s not everyday that you get to go to a free concert,” Garcia said as he waited for the doors to open.

Aloe Blacc gave a lively performance that showcased some of his more popular tracks as well as stuff from his most recent album. Although quite crowded, the concert gave all those in attendance a good way to end a long night and the encouragement to start off a strong football season.