Baylor’s initiative on diversity

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor University is a campus that is not known for being racially diverse. According to Baylor IRT, 64 percent of students identify as white while the remaining 35 percent of the student body identify as minorities. Although these numbers seem large, there is a discrepancy in cultural competency on campus.

“Coming to Baylor — it was kind of a shock to see such a small black community, coming from Atlanta,” Georgia senior Darren Samuels said.

However, Baylor is working hard to create a more diverse campus and educate students about other ethnic backgrounds.

The lack of a cultural competent campus has been recognized and addressed. Vice President of Student Life Dr. Kevin Jackson, interim President David Garland and their offices are creating a Multicultural Suite in the Student Union Building and have appointed Special Assistant to the President and Dean for Student Development Dr. Elizabeth D. Palacios.

“We created an initiative within our division on cultural competency, where we would help educate ourselves better about the different cultures of the world so that then we can engage with our students and be able to be more knowledgeable and work with them,” Jackson said.

Through spending more money on multicultural organizations, Baylor has increases d sense of community to minorities. Organizations such as Association Black Students, Multicultural Association for Pre-Health Students, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and multicultural fraternities and sororities have helped students feel more at home.

“Luckily for me I was able to find friends and family in my fraternity… I was able to bond with people who were just like me,” Samuels said.