Internet outage has citywide effect

Grande Communications Services suffered a citywide internet outage on Wednesday afternoon caused by a cut fiber line. Photo credit: Jessica Hubble

A cut fiber line caused an internet and cable outage for Grande Communications Services customers in various areas of Waco on Wednesday.

“We do not know who cut [the fiber line] or how it was cut” said Teresa Rowan, a customer service representative.

Grande became aware of the outage after they received multiple reports from Waco residents that use Grande as a service provider.

Thirteen sections or bridges were affected in the Waco area, however the full extent of the outage is unknown due to the nature of Grande’s database systems.

The View on 10th, an apartment building near campus, lost service throughout the building on Wednesday, according to an e-mail sent to residents regarding the internet and cable outage.

Grande Communication Services resolved the issue around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night.