A “DOM”inating spirit

An assistant director keeps his passions present in his work and in his relationships

By Brauna Marks | Lariat Reporter

In a small room located on an outer wing of the McLane Student Life Center, a man sits surrounded by motivational sayings, frames full of relationships, old college t-shirts and Greek paraphernalia. He leans back in his chair, glancing from computer screen to phone screen to agenda and back again.

A Baylor student hangs in his doorway, and he stops and they talk. Then he’s off to another destination, to another motivation. As he closes the door to his office, the green nameplate shines in the sunlight that comes through the opposite window. It reads “Dominque Hill; Assistant Director for Intramural Sports.”

“Dom is really involved and cares about the development of students.” said Abbie Lawson, the coordinator for intramural sports. “He cares about how students grow personally and professionally, and that pours into our program and people benefit from it.”

Hill came to Baylor University in 2007 from North Carolina, bringing with him his experience of community service, mentoring and physical activity. With a BA in Health and Physical Education/Fitness from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he is a proud Tar Heel.

While a student there, Hill joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, in 1997. This historically African-American fraternity prides itself on scholarship, brotherhood and service, which Hill said initially catapulted him into giving back and being involved in his community.

“Since I became a member, I’ve always wanted to give back.” Hill said. “Our motto is ‘Culture for service, service for humanity,’ so I use this vehicle as an opportunity to serve others.”

As the president for the Gamma Omicron Sigma alumni chapter for Phi Beta Sigma in Waco. Hill works to partner with civic organizations to help those who are disenfranchised or lacking equal services.

“One of my passions is success for other people in general,” Hill said.

This passion shines not only through his position at Baylor or within his fraternity, but also as a mentor and adviser within campus and beyond.

Hill advises multiple student organizations on campus, including the Nu Zeta undergraduate chapter of Phi Beta Sigma at Baylor.

“Of course he’s our adviser, but he feels like more than that,” said Mallory Franklin, President of the Nu Zeta chapter and current junior. “He feels like that parent away from home.”

Franklin explains how Hill has made a major impact on his life, shaping him within Sigma and as a person. Hill has helped nurture him into the present role he is in today. Lawson, who mentioned the influence Hill has had on intramural sports, mentioned also how he has impacted her life personally starting as an undergraduate and official for intramural sports in 2008.

Yet his impact on others extends even further as he serves as the Young Adult College Minster at Greater New Light Baptist Church, located about 10 minutes from campus, where he coordinates with college students and other young adults on community service projects while providing mentoring.

Hill has continued to involve himself at Baylor through diversity efforts, recently being elected to the Diversity Council, continuing to mentor and advise students and providing a fun and motivational atmosphere for intramural sports.

“Everyone loves Dom,” Franklin said. “He’s just one of those guys.”