Baylor Club Tennis Teaches Waco Kids to Play Tennis

If you want to continue playing an organized sport once you get to college, perhaps one of Baylor’s club sports is the one for you. There are 26 different club sports, giving athletes of all types plenty of options to choose from. Once you make a team, you will have to attend practices, games and also include services hours. One club in particular, Baylor’s Club Tennis Team, has a very unique way of allowing their members to gain service hours by helping the community.

The service project is known as “Cubs,” and features Club Tennis members helping children in Waco learn tennis.

“Basically Baylor Club Tennis and the Women’s Varsity Tennis Team team up an hour before every women’s match and we teach tennis to kids 11 and under. Its free for anyone in the Waco community and anyone in the Waco community can come.” said Allison Chen, President of the Club Tennis Team.

Club Tennis members are required to complete four hours of service hours each semester to stay on the team. However, these service hours are designed to be fun as members spend their time hanging out with their friends and teaching young children the sport of tennis.

“It’s great we can have such a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the community of Waco and to really reach out and give these kids an opportunity to play tennis.” said Caitlin Jones, a freshman on the team.

These Cubs events take place an hour before each women’s match. The Baylor Club Tennis team had their last Cubs event last week and will be looking forward to the next season to continue their Cubs program.