Penland offers free flapjacks

Campus Programming, Baylor Student Activities and Baylor Dining Services are hosting the Semi-Annual Pancake Break on Tuesday at Penland Dining Hall. The event will provide free pancakes and entertainment for students and is put on in hopes of lowering students’ stress before finals begin the following day. Photo credit: MCT Tribune News Service

The Semi-Annual Pancake Break will be held from 10 p.m. to midnight on Tuesday at Penland Dining Hall.

There will be free food provided for students both to eat at the dining hall and to take with them. Corner booths, airbrush and henna tattoos, caricatures, a live DJ and karaoke will be provided for entertainment.

Hosted by Campus Programming, Baylor Student Activities and Baylor Dining Services, the event is meant to give students a break from their studies before finals the next day.

Fort Worth senior Alex Tolar is involved in Student Productions, a branch of Student Activities, and was placed in charge of marketing and awareness for the event.

“We just really want to create an atmosphere and an environment that students can enjoy and kind of take the time out from studying finals,” Tolar said. “We are hoping people can come take a nice little power-break from whatever they’ve been doing and be able to start finals out on the right foot.”

Greensburg, Pa., sophomore Liana DeNino said she feels that activities like these are important to students’ health.

“Having a break gives you mental clarity and helps you to keep studying to perform well on finals,” DeNino said. “And, I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes?”

Pancake Breaks have been a tradition for a number of years now and have varied in activities and events, with one even including a Pajama Contest.

According to previous promotions, Pancake Breaks are Baylor’s way of encouraging students before finals begin.

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