Wi-Fi outage hits campus

Baylor suffered a campuswide AirBear Wi-Fi outage Monday morning.

AirBear was unavailable early Monday morning and was not restored until around 10 a.m. The cause of the outage is unknown. Information Technology Services staff worked to repair the outage and are currently reviewing the cause of the outage.

“At this time, our network is stable, and we will continue to monitor and take action as necessary,” said Lori Fogleman, assistant vice president for media communications at Baylor.

The Colony freshman Hannah Conrad had English Composition II during the outage. She said the outage caused her peer review to be pushed back because no one could print their essays and the professor couldn’t print the peer review sheets.

Conrad said the class now has a two-day turnaround for their research paper that is due Friday because they are not peer reviewing until Wednesday.

“If anything, it’s less stress because the paper has to be eight to ten pages and a ton of people hadn’t met the requirement, so they can have an extra two days to do so,” said Conrad.

Austin junior Caroline Bentley experienced issues due to the AirBear outage as well. Bentley had two major presentations in her public relations and editing classes that were saved on Baylor servers. The servers are only accessible through Baylor computers, and because of the outage, the computers were not available.

“It was an extremely stressful morning because both of these presentations were a majority of my grade,” said Bentley. “Thank goodness it finally got fixed.”

Bentley said her public relations professor, Maxey Parrish, was understanding and told the class if AirBear did not get back to working they could present later. Her second presentation ended up not being affected by the outage.

Killeen sophomore Joy Moton was in Moody Memorial Library putting final touches on a paper for her former prophets class when AirBear went down. Moton said she needed to Google lots of things for her footnotes and bibliography she was not able too because of AirBear being out of service. Moton said she also needed her email because she often saves her work to her email.

“At first, I thought it was just being slow because it is slow a lot, but then I got really upset because the paper was due today,” said Moton.

Moton said several students in her former prophets class gave up writing their paper and became frustrated once AirBear went down. Her former prophets professor made no concessions for the students because of the AirBear outage.