Candlelight vigil to be held for survivors of sexual assault

Survivors’ Stand, candlelight vigil for the survivors of sexual assault, will take place tonight at 9:30 p.m. in front of Albritton House.

All Baylor students and staff are invited to attend to stand in support of sexual assault survivors on Baylor’s campus. Organizers want the vigil to be a quiet, prayerful, thoughtful time and expect the vigil to last about 30 minutes. After the vigil there will be a short student led chapel service at the Truett Seminary.

The event is organized primarily by Stefanie Mundhenk, a 2015 Baylor graduate and sexual assault survivor. Mundhenk said she hopes this candlelight vigil will encourage Baylor to take a stand against sexual assault and fix their current protocol on dealing with sexual assault.

“We want to communicate how big of a problem sexual assault is at Baylor,” Stefanie Mundhenk said. “If one survivor feels less alone after tonight this will be worth it.”

Maddee Schrader, Truett Seminary student and 2012 Baylor graduate, is helping organize the vigil. Schrader said the main goal of the vigil is to promote visibility, which is why they chose to have it in front of president and chancellor Ken Starr’s house.

“I see this as an opportunity for Judge Starr, I hope he comes out and stands and prays with us,” Schrader said.

In accordance with Baylor’s policy, the vigil has been approved by the Department of Student Activities. The organizers have been very clear on their Facebook page asking participants to abide by the law and make this a peaceful and respectful gathering. Schrader anticipates around 300 people to attend the vigil.

“This is not an angry event,” Schrader said. “We are a group of people who love Baylor and want to encourage them to be better.”