Queen of Kings will perform at Muddle for the second time

When Auggie Del Rey left Baylor in 2007 with a degree in business management, he had no idea he’d become a full-time musician.

The Waco native and his wife, McLennan Community College graduate Sirena Legend, moved to LA in 2014 to fully pursue their music career. Together they make up the duo Queen of Kings self described as a “soul-pop with a hint of country” group.

“Queen of Kings” will be performing in Waco for the second time since they moved to LA on April 1, 2016. They will return to a venue they know well, Muddle, a bar in downtown Waco.

Shawn Reising, the owner of Muddle, is a long time friend of Del Rey’s. Queen of Kings have played at Muddle several times over the years and Reising is excited to have them back.

“They bring a new level of energy to the place whenever they perform,” Reising said. “They have a huge local following and always pack the house. It’s a blast.”

Although Del Rey had no serious plans of going into music full time he uses the skills he learned at the Baylor business school every day. He is the manager and marketer for Queen of Kings.

“Baylor taught me to rely on myself,” Del Rey said. “People ask us all the time who manages us and who handles our merchandise, it’s me. I couldn’t do that without Baylor.”

Del Rey is especially grateful to be self-sufficient while working in LA. When leaving Waco the two were warned that the people in LA would eat them up, and they have seen first hand the negative effects of living a lifestyle of pursuing fame.

“People can get shady real fast here, a lot of people forget what they’re here for and lose themselves searching for fame,” Del Ray said.

The duo are constantly reminding themselves to stay grounded.

“The entertainment business is a game. You have to learn to play the game but not lose yourself,” Del Rey said.

When they first arrived in LA in September 2014, they found themselves homeless for the first few weeks and really struggled for about seven months. They slowly got back on their feet and really grew musically. They quickly made connections with some producers and got the opportunity to record at Universal Studios and Paramount Recording Studios. After living in LA for about seven months they put out their first single, “Fly Away.”

Christmas day 2015 Queen of Kings released the song and music video “Hollywood Outlaws.”

“With Hollywood Outlaws we wanted people to know we aren’t here for the hollywood lifestyle; We are here to make music,” Del Rey said.

They actively avoid the Hollywood lifestyle so many people chase. They stay away from the party scene and constantly pursue knowledge and education. For day jobs Del Rey works as a personal trainer at a gym, and Legend works for a fashion designer. But their primary commitment is to each other and their music.

In August 2014, 360 Magazine wrote, “With storytelling abilities along the lines of artists Johnny Cash and Kendrick Lamar, this twosome is ready to bring their intriguing narrative to the masses.”