Registration for voting approaches

With the 2016 primaries beginning in March, the Feb. 1 voting registration deadline is closing in quickly.

The easiest way Texas residents can decide to register to vote is during driver’s license renewal. If not, one can register to vote online at or go into the voter registrar’s or county clerk’s office to pick up an application. The only documentation required is a Texas driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID card.

When filling out a paper application potential voters should keep in mind the application must be mailed 30 days before the election.

“It’s important to vote because that’s someone who plays a big role in our everyday life,” said Southlake sophomore Samar Aamer.

If a student is not registered to vote in the primary election, they still have time to register for the May 24 runoff by March 5. The deadline to register for the presidential election is Oct. 11.

Out of state voting is a little more complicated as it varies by state.

“The absentee ballot is annoying for me because in my state I have to register so early,” said Yazoo City, Miss. freshman Ariel White. “And if the people can’t say what they want to happen, then they’re putting their lives in the hands of other people.”

To register to vote as a citizen of California that now resides in Texas the citizen must vote by mail. The last day to register to vote by mail in California is March 29 for the April 5 primary. November 1 is the last day to register to vote by mail for the primary election.

For more information on voting by mail California residents can go to

Colorado also requires that absentee ballot forms be mailed in and sent in 29 days before the election. To find the form to mail in residents of Colorado can go to

Residents of Florida can register to vote online and by mail. Residents can also register to vote over the phone by calling their county’s supervisor of elections. For more information on registering to vote using an absentee ballot and apply online residents can visit The deadline to register for the primary there is Feb. 16.

“I personally think it’s your job as an American citizen to vote,” said Palatine, Ill. freshman Hope Schroeder. “A lot of people sacrificed greatly to give us this privilege. I am excited to vote for the first time and I will continually do so.”