Baylor to host annual Fit Well Expo

Students exercise at the McLane Student Life Center. The Wellness Department is hosting the second annual Fit Well Expo this Saturday to help promote healthy living among the Baylor community. The event is free, but registration is recommended. Photo credit: Lariat File Photo

In the New Year, people often make health and fitness goals, and the Baylor Wellness Department wants to give students the tools to achieve them.

The Baylor Wellness Department will host the second annual Fit Well Expo from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. The Expo will be held in the Paul L. Foster School of Business in the Meyer Conference Center. The expo is open to all faculty, students, staff and their spouses.

“It’s a great consolidated place where you can get some questions answered and meet some people in your local community who are really focused on this kind of stuff,” said Meg Patterson, director of wellness at Baylor,.

“I know the new year is such a popular time for people to be intentional about their well-being and taking care of themselves. It’s going to be somewhere you can get some information and both be motivated, and the goal is for people leaving excited and empowered about maybe trying something new or jump-starting something they’ve had their eye on but haven’t been able to maintain.”

The expo is for the Baylor community and is open to people of all fitness levels – from new exercisers, to people starting over, to people who have been exercising for years.

“Spring break is in two to three months,” said senior Billal Siddiq, a health science pre-med student who is also a GroupX instructor and personal trainer at the McLane Student Life Center. “So I always say, during those four to five weeks before spring break my classes fill up, and my clients want to work out extra. Well you don’t have to wait four to five weeks before spring break; you can start now. So this will definitely help you set goals and lead you in the right direction.”

Admission is free, but to ensure that there are enough welcome packs, people wishing to attend should RSVP by emailing Van Davis at If someone decides to go the day of the event, they are welcome to attend; there just might not be enough welcome packs for them.

There will be several door prizes, including two grand prizes. The grand prize is a memory foam pillow, 30 minute massage, fitness t-shirts, a water bottle, Spring 2016 Group X membership and a crockpot. Two of those packages will be given away. Various gift cards will also be given away.

The expo will feature presentations from fitness professionals. They will include topics such as healthy eating, time management and resistance training.

“They are going to leave with a lot of great information,” said Van Davis, assistant director for fitness at Baylor. “And we want, first and foremost, for our campus to be healthy, and so this is a way for us to promote health and wellness in our community.”