Sing Alliance welcomes all to perform

2/18/15 SING Dress Rehearsal

By Kendall Baer Lariat Reporter

The Sing Alliance has built a tradition since its start in 1997 of allowing students all across Baylor the opportunity to perform in All-University Sing.

This group of students gather together each year to put together a seven-minute performance to a variety of songs and compete for one of the coveted Pigskin spots as well as other awards.

“I first saw Sing in the third grade,” said Emily Lofquist, administrative chair for Sing Alliance. “I knew I wanted to do it since then. I didn’t go through recruitment so it was the obvious choice, and the best choice I ever made in my life.”

How does someone get involved in Sing Alliance? Sing Alliance includes anyone who wants to get involved and is able to make the time commitment regardless of previous song and dance experience.

“My favorite part is being able to interact with so many people from so many different parts of campus,” said Collin McMinn, president and music chair for Sing Alliance,.“We get a pretty wide variety of members, so it’s really interesting to see a lot of science majors and business major come together, and do something together as a family.”

The organization hosts many opportunities to meet with older members and get an idea for what Sing Alliance is all about.

“Go to all of the events that we have before sign-ups,” says Lofquist. “We will have interest meetings but also other fun things like a cook-out, a bowling night”.

Lofquist said that Late Night at the McLane Student Life Center is also another way students can go about getting involved with the organization.

“Seeing the people like me freshmen year at Late Night who are really overzealous and excited about Sing Alliance, and knowing they came and found us and then getting to see them again at practice is one of my favorite parts,” says Rachel Gruehn, costume chair for Sing Alliance.

As an organization, Sing Alliance also has other events that bring the group together to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

“We do a Christmas party every year,” said Lofquist, “That’s always a lot of fun because we generally do a white elephant gift exchange where you get weird stuff, and it’s always just a fun time to hang out and get to know the new members before practice.”

McMinn said the organization also holds an end of year formal.

“That’s my favorite part,” said McMinn, “Because it’s the last time we are all together as a Sing family and it’s nice to see everyone dressed up instead of in their sweat pants and workout gear.”

According to their website, Sing Alliance works to promote their three goals: have fun, make new friends and perform to the best of their ability.

“If you’re even thinking about it, just do it,” Gruehn said. “If Sing is something that you like and either Greek life is not your thing, or you’re a freshman and want to get involved already it’s a lot of fun.”

Sing Alliance will be one of the acts performing at this year’s All-University Sing in February.