Guerrilla Troupe to perform first show of the semester

By Jacquelyn Kellar Lariat Reporter

Guerrilla Troupe has made its presence known on campus for more than a decade, offering students a chance to let loose and have a laugh on a well-deserved study break. What many students have come to refer to as “G Troupe” is a group of actors who delight in the art of improvisational comedy, a branch of theater that involves the creation of comedy skits on-the-spot using prompts from the audience.

G Troupe will kick off its spring season at 7 p.m. today in the Bill Daniel Student Center’s Acoustic Café.

The group operates on a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” structure, taking suggestions from live audience members to fuel the fun. The actors come prepared with a number of inventive improvisational activities and let the audience provide the rest. An actor might be asked to behave like a piggy bank at a dinner party. Audience members come onstage to turn the comedians into monkeys or moguls. Throughout the show the audience shouts keywords and suggestions, so that no one, not even the actors, knows where the show will go next.

The actors in Guerrilla Troupe are a group of friends having some laughs, and allowing others to join in as well. They don’t script their shows but are honest and quick-witted in their comedic responses. They go together on group retreats to foster friendship, because when it comes to improv, trust is key.

“Having troupe chemistry and us all trusting each other as friends makes all of the difference in our performances,” said Lake Travis junior Tiffany Navarro, a member of Guerrilla Troupe.

Many G Troupe members major in theater. Several members aspire to be serious actors once they graduate, and others aim for a career in comedy.

Leander sophomore Will Stauber, however, is a mechanical engineering major who has also found a passion for the art of improvisation. Students of any major can try out and (if they’re funny enough) eventually join the Troupe. This group of friends and performers has made a lasting impression, not only on their audience, but on each other.

“G Troupe has taught me a lot about community and trusting a group of people,” said Colleyville junior Leah Beth Etheredge, who majors in theater. “Any time I go up there with a member of my troupe, I know they’re going to have my back.”

More information about upcoming shows and other events updates can be found on Guerrilla Troupe’s Facebook page.