Baylor teams to utilize new software partnership

By Hunter Hewell Lariat Reporter

Baylor athletes, coaches and sports staff now have a streamlined way of communicating and organizing team activities with each other.

Teamworks, a communications software provider catering to athletic organizations, has established a partnership with Baylor University.

Teamworks’ goal in teaming up with Baylor is to provide many time saving solutions to the athletic department.

These solutions include creating a network that allows coaches and staff to efficiently access documents, handle player’s schedules, and complete administrative tasks.

Bart Byrd, Associate Athletic Director-Student Athlete Services, said he is excited about joining up with Teamworks and the opportunities that it provides.

“Teamworks solves or simplifies operational tasks for administrators as well and opens lines of communication between coaches, staff and players, saving us time and energy on a daily basis.”

Teamworks is now Baylor’s official collaboration software provider, and will help consolidate Baylor player and staff data, as well as provide an efficient, user-friendly network of communication for coaches, players, and staff.

“As a department, we’ve been making big investments across the board. Last year, we wrapped up construction on McLane Stadium, which is doing big things for our football program,” Byrd said.

Also, Teamworks will create a messaging system that will allow coaches and staff to send text, email and other notifications for schedule changes or other important reminders to players or other staff members.

Teamworks’ system at Baylor will be specifically designed to fit the athletic department’s needs. Teamworks retains over 850 clients and works with over 260 NCAA Division I teams.

“You hear all the time about big-time investments in coaches and new facilities,” said Teamworks’ Founder and President Zach Maurides in a press release Wednesday. “As time goes on, more athletic departments are starting to realize that communication is just as important, if not more, of an asset to an athletic department as any other resource.”