Baylor releases 2016 summer class schedule

Due to student requests, the schedule of summer classes for 2016 is now available. In previous years, this information was not released to students until February.

Dr. Wesley Null, vice provost for undergraduate education, said that the goals for providing earlier access to the course schedule are to increase the number of students taking summer classes at Baylor and to increase the four year graduation rate.

“We want to give students as much time as possible to be thinking about their summer plans so they are prepared for advising in February,” Null said.

He said he knows a lot of summer decisions are made during Christmas break, so the hope is that students will consider their plans while they are home with family and friends.

“We think that’s the best way for the decisions to be made,” Null said.

He said that even though students are adults, they should consult their parents, especially if the student is thinking about changing a major or studying abroad.

“It is really helpful to have the Christmas break to speak to your family about study abroad and the financial situation and whether or not it’s feasible,” said Waco sophomore Drew Mackenzie.

Null said moving up the course announcements required moving up processes for study abroad, too, which will give students more time to save or raise money. He said he wants to increase the number of students who study abroad.

In addition to announcing courses sooner, Null said there are also going to be more courses offered, both online and in the May mini-mester.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of students taking summer courses at Baylor the last three summers,” Null said.

He said the mini-mester has been growing too and that students who study over the summer usually get ahead.

“I think it’s important for students, especially after their first semester of freshman year, to see what’s being offered in the summer, because it helps you fill out a four year degree plan,” Mackenzie said.

Null said changing the release of summer courses is a win-win situation.

“This is something that started over a year ago, we had student government leaders and other students request that we get the summer classes out earlier so they can plan earlier,” Null said.

Now, he anticipates that the number of students participating in Baylor studies from May to August will continue to go up.

The list of summer courses can be found at