Asian Students Association to host 11th AsianFest

The Music Student Group, which is composed of Asian musicians from the Baylor Symphony Orchestra, played Japanese folk music and Miyazaki film scores at AsianFest last year.

By Julie Tate, Reporter

Asian Students Association will host the 11th annual the AsianFest this Friday and Saturday, which will feature a culture show, a banquet and a comedy show with celebrity comedian Eliot Chang.

“One of our main goals is to promote Asian culture and Asian awareness to Baylor community and Waco community,” said Houston junior Ken Bourgeau, member of Asian Students Association.

Bourgeau said this is why ASA first created the AsianFest and why the organization encourages people to come out and enjoy themselves while watching the culture show.

“[AsianFest] is the biggest Asian event we have here at Baylor, not to mention it is free and a great time,” said Waco senior Yoonki Na, President of Korean Student Association.

Na said the AsianFest Culture Show is a good opportunity for students to come and cheer on their friends who are performing, as well as learn more about cultures they may not be familiar with.

Bourgeau said there are 13 acts lined up for this year’s AsianFest Culture Show, with performances from several Baylor organizations, as well as organizations from other colleges.

Bourgeau also said this year’s theme for the AsianFest banquet is “Changing Perception,” which will relate to what the keynote speaker, Comedy Central comedian Eliot Chang, will be discussing.

“Essentially, our theme helps promote cultural awareness as well as discuss the position of Asian Americans in today’s society,” said Bourgeau.

According to the Baylor website, a scholarship pageant called Miss AsianFest will take place during the culture show and will feature representatives from various Asian student groups.

“It’s a very simple pageant where each representative will answer two questions and based on their answer, judges will pick a deserving representative as the pageant winner who will then receive a $150 scholarship,” said Arlington sophomore Karry Liu, Historian of Asian Student Association.

The Baylor website also states the culture show and scholarship pageant will take place at 7 p.m. on Friday in Waco Hall. The AsianFest Comedy Show will be at 4 p.m. on Saturday and the AsianFest Banquet will be at 7 p.m. Saturday, both at the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.

All events are free, except for the AsianFest Banquet, which is $10 for entry, said Nui.

“I’d encourage everyone, no matter what race or age, to come out and attend the AsianFest because it really does showcase diversity,” said Liu.