Students will brave elements on fall break trips

Baylor Outdoor Adventure will give students the opportunity to explore nature during fall break.

In previous years, the department has taken trips to Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Things are a little different this year.

“This is our first time doing five trips. We are trying to get more opportunities with students to get them to do something for fall break,” said Cody Schrank, assistant director for outdoor adventure education. “And for spring break, we are hoping to have four to five trips.”

The trips will range from backpacking to rock climbing in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas.

There are only two spots left for fall break, with both being on a backpacking trip to the Goodwater Trail in Georgetown. The trip is $135. Interested students can visit for registration information.

Each of the five groups will consist roughly of nine students.

“This is one of your only opportunities to unplug and be away from everything. If you’re going on an outdoor adventure trip,” Schrank said. “It’s a good time to renew and refresh and have real conversations with who’s with you now and not with our social media friends.”

All that’s required from participants is proper clothing, hiking shoes and a rain jacket. The department does not profit from any of the costs.

The trips are very beginner friendly, Schrank said. There is no experience needed or required to participate. Schrank said he recommends interested students run the Bear Trail for at least 25 minutes to get an idea of the fitness level required for the backpacking trip and other activities.

“We usually have a pre-trip meeting where we will run the Bear Trail just to say, “Hey, we’re going to be hours away from anyone and you have to be able to carry your backpack, be able to have enough physical strength so that you don’t jeopardize the entire group,” Schrank said.

For the backpacking trip to Georgetown, Outdoor Adventure will partner with the religion department to make it more of a spiritual trip. This trip includes guided reflections and a booklet that attendees will go through, as well as Scripture reading and alone time.

After hearing about the fall break trip, Baylor alum Christopher Clark said he reflected on how he wanted to participate but never did.

“I always worked out to relieve stress from school. I played basketball and lifted, but never anything else. I always wanted to rock climb, or something like that, but was more focused on other things,” Clark said. “Looking back, I really should have taken a trip. It seemed so fun and would have given me more of a push to rock climb.”

Although the fall break trips are almost filled, Schrank said spring break will also include trips. Schrank said he wants to go to Arkansas during spring break this spring. Those trips usually consist of rock climbing, canoing and backpacking, he said.