Zeta Tau Alpha Thinks Pink for breast cancer awareness

By Rebekah Wrobleske, Reporter

ZTA is hosting their annual Think Pink week to raise money for their philanthropy, Breast Cancer Awareness education.

“Think Pink week is a week to make breast cancer aware to everyone,” Mercer Island junior, Alex Chapman said. “It’s a good reminder about our philanthropy while also having fun.”

The women of ZTA are able to use their sorority to lead those around them in support of something greater than themselves. And that is what The Think Pink Week is all about, being able to gather the rest of the student body to help raise awareness and money for something so detrimental.

Throughout the week ZTA will have two pink rain boots at each activity for all of campus’ donations.

“We’re going to give breast cancer the boot. As you participate in each of the activities throughout the week, you can feel free to donate,” Kingwood senior, Lauren Martin said.

The activities are free of charge but donations to ZTA for Breast Cancer Awareness and education is encouraged. The Cupcakes for a Cure is the only activity that will be making a profit in addition to the donations for their philanthropy. The booth will contain hundreds of homemade cupcakes baked by the members of ZTA and will be sold for $1 each.

“We get to bring our philanthropy home by making everyone excited about it, but also open their eyes to exactly how important it is,” Martin said. “Once campus knows what’s going on, we’re going to have a wall where you write who you wear pink for.”

All events will be in the commons area of the Bill Daniels Student Center. The events for the Think Pink week are as followed:

  • Monday was Think Pink, Think Puppies which included a puppy petting zoo from 11p.m.-2p.m.
  • Tuesday will be a Think Pink lemonade stand from 11p.m.-1p.m.
  • Wednesday will be the Cupcakes for a Cure from 11p.m. -2p.m.
  • Thursday will be #BaylorThinksPink Photo Booth from 11p.m.-1p.m.
  • Friday will end the week with Who do you Wear Pink For? Where you can write on the chalkboard who you support by wearing pink from 11p.m.-1p.m.