Big 12 Reprimands assistant football coach

Big 12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced Wednesday a public reprimand of Baylor assistant football coach Jeff Lebby for his attendance at the football game between the University of Oklahoma and Tulsa University at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

“The opportunity for Coach Lebby to scout a future opponent by being on the sideline of a conference member’s opponent is inconsistent with the principles and expectations of the Big 12 Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct Policy,” Bowlsby said. “I appreciate the action of Baylor athletics director Ian McCaw in addressing this matter and accept the University’s self-imposed penalty.”

McCaw announced Baylor was imposing a half-game suspension of Lebby to be served during the first-half of the Bears’ Nov. 14 game against Oklahoma.

Additionally, Baylor self-reported to the NCAA a violation of NCAA bylaw 11.6.1, which prohibits scouting of a future opponent.

“I was not aware, sadly so. If I had been aware, that situation would have never happened,” Briles said at the Bears’ press conference on Monday. “We alerted all the proper officials on both sides and I also called coach [Bob] Stoops after the game and told him that I was sorry.”

“It’s embarrassing to me, quite honestly,” Briles continued. “I don’t think he was there that long, maybe a quarter, I’m not even sure. I hate it, I hate it for the perception standpoint, but anyone who knows football knows. If they want to have some guy come stand by our sideline, that’s alright because there is no advantage to doing it.”

Briles said Lebby was in Oklahoma for a wedding, but also noted Tulsa head coach Phil Montgomery, Baylor’s offensive coordinator last season, could have been another reason for Lebby’s presence on the sideline. Furthermore, Lebby’s alma mater is Oklahoma, which Briles also pointed out.

“He probably thought it was OK to go lounge around, go see coach Montgomery and some of the guys on the sideline for a minute,” Briles said. “In my opinion, it’s unethical.”