Baylor to serve free breakfast in name of health

By Julie Tate

Instead of skipping breakfast, students can get a free meal and some coffee – as long as they bring their own mug.

This Friday will be the first Union Break of the semester, held from 10 a.m to noon in the old barbershop, now the Union Break Room, on the first floor of the Bill Daniel Student Life Center. There will be free breakfast and coffee for all students, faculty and staff. The event is bring-your-own-mug.

The purpose of the UBreak program is to remind students about the importance of taking time out of their day to enjoy food and fellowship with friends, according to the Baylor Student Activities webpage.

“We feel students should come to UBreak because they deserve to take a break, and we want to offer them the opportunity to celebrate another week done in the semester,” said Jordan Dickey, assistant director of student union.

Another positive of the UBreak program is that it provides students free breakfast, which is vital for the body, according to Dr. Janelle Walter, Nutrition Sciences program coordinator at Baylor.

Walter, who has a doctorial degree in home economics education, with an emphasis in nutrition education, believes all people should start their day off with breakfast.

“Skipping meals will lead to an uncontrolled hunger that will cause a person to engage in desperation eating. In other words, grabbing the first thing you see, like chips, cookies and sugared soft drinks,” Walter said.

Students who eat breakfast have the ability to do well in school because eating a meal in the morning breaks the fast of the night and provides the body with the necessary carbohydrates needed to fuel the brain, Walter said.