Viewpoint: RBs in lead for Heisman

After a crazy week of upsets and record-breaking performances, I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t even try to speculate about what will happen in college football. Nevertheless, I enjoy making predictions and analyzing how games may turn out.

Each week I’ll provide a list of my Heisman leaders. Here’s the shortlist after week two:


I may be in the minority for putting Chubb at No. 1, but his 8.8 yards per carry is impressive. Although he may not have scored this weekend, his 189 yards on the ground (9.9 yards per carry) against Vanderbilt boded well for the sophomore running back.

Chubb’s production up to this point has been exciting. His first true test will be this Saturday against the South Carolina Gamecocks on ESPN.

Chubb could make a statement in that game, as it will draw a national audience. Last season, Chubb ran for 34 yards on four carries in limited action against the Gamecocks. This year, he’s the main workhorse and I’d expect him to find the end zone on more than one occasion.


No surprise here, as Henry crashed into the Heisman rankings after demolishing Wisconsin by putting up 147 yards and three touchdowns on just 13 touches in week one.

Henry can accelerate deceptively well for a guy his size. At 6-foot-3, 242 pounds, his combined strength and quickness allows him to rumble for first downs and touchdowns.

This Saturday, No. 2 Alabama hosts No. 15 Ole Miss on ESPN in a game that could have playoff and Heisman implications.

I expect Henry to have a tougher time running against the front seven of Ole Miss. He could very well vault himself to No. 1 on my list with a good performance this week.


The fact that Elliott is constantly overlooked due to the whole quarterback situation at No. 1 Ohio State and Braxton Miller’s highlights can be concerning for his Heisman status. As far as numbers go, however, the situation couldn’t be any better for the junior running back.

I didn’t expect Elliott to struggle as much as he did against Hawaii (27 carries for 101 yards). Despite his problems in week two he was able to find the end zone three times. Elliott should continue to get stronger as the season progresses. Plus, the Buckeyes’ schedule is seemingly a cakewalk until late in the season.


Last year’s most efficient quarterback in the country, Kessler, has continued that trend. Kessler threw for 650 yards and seven touchdown, with no interceptions in his first two games.

Don’t get carried away with those numbers, though, because USC has yet to face any tough competition.

Kessler will have a chance to quiet the critics this weekend when No. 6 USC takes on conference rival Stanford on ABC.

If Kessler can guide the Trojans to a win and remain unscathed, he will almost assuredly move up in the Heisman rankings.


Boykin had a shaky game against Minnesota in the season opener, but was able to return home and play much better against Stephen F. Austin, albeit an FCS team.

His 531 passing yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions aren’t great, however; as long as TCU keeps winning, Boykin will remain in the Heisman race.

TCU’s schedule is back-loaded with tougher tests coming late. So don’t expect Boykin to make a ton of noise until the final weeks of the season. The main thing for the senior quarterback right now, is to not play himself out of contention before those marquee matchups.