Baylor PD welcomes new officers to force

Officer George Gable and Officer Christopher Umber were sworning in today at Elliston Chapel by Chief Wigtil.

By Stephanie Reyes, Reporter

Baylor’s police department held a swearing in ceremony for two new police officers Monday afternoon at Elliston Chapel. The department welcomed police officers George Gable and Christopher Umber.

Baylor Police Chief Brad Wigtil said their commission gives them the authority as full-fledged police officers in the state of Texas.

He added that having a ceremony for new officers is not only for the police officers to get their commission, but it is also a way to welcome new officers into the Baylor family.

“It’s just a nice way to recognize them and to introduce them to the community,” Wigtil said. “We just like to do it in front of some officers and they’re family members are always invited to make it more of a ceremony.”

The Baylor police department is required by the Texas commission on law enforcement to conduct a very thorough background check. They are thoroughly vetted before they are given the opportunity to serve our community

When hiring new officers, Wigtil said the two new officers had the best attributes and he felt they were best fit for the community.

“I’m looking for them just to blossom. Its just like any other career, you start and your learn,” Wigtil said.

In addition, Wigtil said he’s been in law enforcement for over 30 years and enjoys watching police officers grow in their career.

“It’s just so wonderful to see them grow personally and professionally, so that’s what I’m looking for,” Wigtil said. “We provide them many opportunities to grow professionals through training and all that and to see them grow personally and how they relate to the community. It’s a growth process more than anything else. Its just fun to see that and to oversee that. It’s just an enjoyable experience.”

During the swearing-in ceremony, the two officers were also given a challenge coin.  Wigtil said the challenge coins were started in the military but the law enforcement over the last couple of decades have really adopted it as a recognition.

“A lot of time it’s a exchange between agencies, we work and help each other and just out of a thank you,” Wigtil said. “It’s also [something] we give it to each member of the department as kind of a reminder. That’s why I told them what the BU meant and the shield as a reminder of that high calling that I was talking about on their lives and that sacred trust of the Baylor community.”