Moped and Student Parking Permit Changes are Made for School Year

Trey Honeycutt | Lariat file photo

Several parking changes were made for both moped and student parking users for the upcoming school year. Student drivers now have two parking permit options, the all campus student permit and the 5th street garage permit. In addition, moped permits cost $125 and owners are required to park in designated parking areas according to the permit they purchase.

Moped zone options include: Lot A, which is located half a block South of the New Foster Campus, B Lot is across from the BSB, C Lot is near the Bill Daniel Student Center, and D Lot is near the Wiethorn Visitors Center.

Mopeds are not allowed to operate or drive on sidewalks, grass areas or closed streets on campus, according to the moped parking guidelines page.

Matt Penney, Director of Parking and Transportation Services, said Baylor needed to provide more structure for the moped users, both for the safety of those who ride the mopeds and the students, faculty and staff.

“Some students were not driving the mopeds in a responsible manner. There were some accidents, some close calls and numerous complaints,” Penny said. “With no designated areas for moped parking on campus, mopeds were being parked next to buildings, doors, walkways, and that also caused a safety issues.”

Houston junior Robert Shajari said the new moped designated parking areas put a restriction on parking for all moped users throughout campus.

“Well I don’t mind the costs as much as the limitations on the parking, any of the parking is really far from where I am,” Shajari said. “I think I’m going to spend just as long getting to the moped and getting to class as just walking straight to class.”

Conway, Ark. junior Paul Loftness said the current moped regulations should be enforced rather than introducing new ones.

“I couldn’t help noticing freshman year that there’s signs on 5th street saying, “no mopeds and no motorcycles” but then I almost got run over three times,” Loftness said.

In addition to the new moped parking permits there are also two new student parking permits available to purchase for this upcoming year.

There is the all campus student parking permit, which allow students to park in any student designated parking area with the exception of the 5th street garage.

The second parking permit available for students to purchase is the 5th street garage, which costs $400. This parking permit will allow parking in the 5th street garage only. This permit was designed to ensure parking for students who reside in Brooks, Brook Flats, Kokernot and Martin Residence Halls.

Penny said fifth street garage parking is like having a reserved parking space in a prime area on campus.

“There were a limited number of spaces and permits for those spaces,” Penney said.“Parking services felt that the level of accommodation should be valued at a higher value.”