Meanwhile…thanks for reading the Lariat (or not)


By Rae Jefferson
A&E Editor

8 types of people on campus (from our perspective)

As members of a student newspaper, us Lariateers are pretty aware of our various reputations on campus. Some people love us, some people hate us. Regardless, we appreciate the praise and criticism because it helps us to figure out how to be a better publication. The Baylor population is essential to what we do – after all, what’s a newspaper without its readers? So without further ado, I present to you a list of the Baylor campus in regards to the Lariat.

1. Avid readers. Faithful followers, we salute you. You’ve stuck by us through thick and thin: typos, botched headlines, and maybe even some rougher moments. Even though we work long hours and face criticism on the daily, it helps to know that there are people who recognize the effort we put into making a newspaper Monday through Thursday. You’re rad.
2. Headline cherry pickers. This one goes out to all the people who picked up a paper for the first time last Friday because we published All-University Sing reviews. Some people only grab a paper when they know something of interest to them was published, but it’s cool. Nothing wrong with reading what you like.
3. Controversy seekers. *sigh* Sometimes things are published that create a rift between reader and publication, and it’s amazing how many people who could care less about the Lariat gain a sudden interest in the newspaper. In the end, it’s fine as long as everyone is willing to do their part to mend the relationship – publications should admit their wrongs, and readers should extend grace. It’s only fair.
4. The “overly invested” type. These people give me a reeeeeally good chuckle. They’re the handful of people who spend too much time informing us that we used a comma instead of a dash… Criticism is helpful, but selective criticism is better. Also, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time. Or you should find some.
5. Thoughtful contributors. – As I said before, selective criticism is appreciated. If you think we could’ve done a better job reporting about something and you politely let us know that, we really do take what you have to say into consideration. We know we’re not infallible, and we won’t pretend to be.
6. Fun finders. These are the people who only pick up the Lariat to fill in the Sudoku and crossword, but I can’t blame them. Puzzles are great.
7. My mom. She faithfully views the electronic version of the paper that we put on the website. She also shares my stories and columns with all her Facebook friends. My momma will singlehandedly keep our paper alive until I graduate.
8. “The Baylor what?” Some people don’t know that the Lariat exists. That’s cool, I guess. *softly sobs in corner*