Pulitzer Prize winner to visit Baylor


By Amanda Yarger

As part of the First Wednesday series through the Baylor Business Professional Development Program, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Adam Bryant and deputy science editor at the New York Times will speak to the Baylor community at 5 p.m. Wednesday in Cashion 510.

Bryant will discuss his current role at the New York Times and his experiences as a national-reporting journalist, a deputy business editor and the senior editor for features for the New York Times. He currently focuses on climate and changes in the environment, according to the New York Times.

Dr. Andrea Dixon, executive director of professional selling, said the talk will give students an opportunity to see the mindset of upper-level professionals like CEOs.

“Every business student and students outside of business will go to work in an organization that is influenced by the top of that company,” she said. “Those people think differently and it influences your day-to-day life.”

Bryant researched the mentality of company chiefs and how they think. He is the author of “Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create A Culture of Innovation.”

A key takeaway from the lecture, Dixon said, will answer the question, “What does society value that they pay people to do?”

Although the Business school is hosting the event, Bryant’s broad range of work will include many different topics at the talk.

“There’s a couple of angles in his talk that will be interesting to different types of students,” Dixon said. “Someone who’s interested in journalism, or someone who’s interested in influencing through media. It can be even broader than that.”

This series is part of lecture series that Dixon said is designed to engage students with role models.

The event is held every first Wednesday of the month and open to all students.