ROTC students honor veterans

By Rebecca Flannery
Staff Writer

Surrounding Veterans Day are reminders of the sacrifice and service given by those in our military, pre and post-service.

San Antonio junior Michael Scott is a Baylor ROTC member and she said cadets from the program saluted veterans at the Waco Coca-Cola factory Monday morning.

“A lot of veterans work in the factory, so when the workers come out and switch shifts, we had cadets there to salute them as they walked by,” Scott said.

Scott has been a member of the Army ROTC program since her freshman year. She said since she comes from a military background, she’s been influenced to offer the same service her father gave in the U.S. Army.

“All gave some and some gave all,” Scott said. “Veterans Day gives us a chance to honor those who made sacrifices.”

Round Rock junior KJ Teal Jr. said he hasn’t been involved in the ROTC program for long, but the leadership he is responsible to provide is an important part of growing in the program.

Teal said the idea of serving the country and honoring those who already have carries on a legacy honoring society. Also coming from a military background, Teal said he hopes to provide a sense of pride for his family members who precede him in service.

“This day holds a lot of reverence for those who have served,” Teal said. “I hope to be able to provide that glory to my family. You don’t do this with the intent to go into combat, you do it so you can provide peace for those you love at home.”

Dr. Janet Bagby, coordinator of Baylor’s Veteran Educational and Transition Services (VETS), said there are a number of veterans on campus who know what it means to serve our country. To aid those veterans, members of faculty and staff were invited to a workshop 4 p.m. yesterday. The Baylor Student Veterans workshop provided information about veterans attending Baylor and how they could foster their academic success. VETS is a program with the mission to aid the academic viability of student veterans though providing benefits and the service of a Baylor transition coach.

The VETS website has resources online for student veterans integrating into campus life as well as an area to give money to the cause.

Sgt. Adam Johnson, recruiting and enrollment officer for Baylor’s ROTC program, said 86 students are participants in the ROTC program. He said they have met and will continue to meet with the students to speak about the importance of Veterans Day throughout the week.

“We talk about what it means to honor those who have served, and why we do it,” Johnson said. “One day, they’ll be veterans and will be honored too.”