New ideas for freshman class

Montgomery Miller
Montgomery Millerffffff

By Sara Katherine Johnson

Walkway improvement and volunteer expansion are two goals the 2014-2015 freshman class officers said they intend to accomplish during their time in office.

The new freshman officers elected this semester were Montgomery Miller as class president, McKenzie Bryan as vice president and Joseph Morrow as secretary-treasurer. They were joined by 13 freshman senators.

According to the Baylor Student Body Constitution, one of the chief responsibilities of class officers is to help raise funds for the class’ senior gift to the university.

Morrow said because the advisor to the freshman council has changed, officers will meet with their new advisor this week to discuss ideas for fundraising and what their class senior gift will be.

Bryan said they are planning to hold a fundraiser this semester and possibly two next semester. A more developed idea will form in the next couple of weeks, he said.

In addition to class fundraising, Morrow said he would like to see better walking pathways on campus, or better parking lots by the Baylor Sciences Building.

Miller did not comment on any specific plans to improve student life on campus, saying he didn’t want to make any hasty promises to students. He said, however, the position of president is one he thinks he will be good at.

Miller said he wants other students to know he is approachable and accessible. He believes his ability to make timely decisions and implement plans qualify him for the role of president.

Miller, Bryan and Morrow all had leadership experience in high school, which they said prepared them for taking on college student government.

In high school, Byran served as senior class president and president of her school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. She said because she loved it so much, she wanted to continue serving students in college.
“I want people to know I’m really positive,” Bryan said. “I’m truly looking out for all the freshmen here.”

Morrow said he also knew he wanted to make a difference when he came to the university, and that going into campus politics was a definite.

Morrow is an entrepreneurship and finance double major with ambitions to eventually supply Bibles for people in other countries in their own languages.

Miller and Bryan are business fellows. Miller has plans to attend law school, and Bryan said she plans to become a certified public and forensic accountant.

For now, all of the officers agree that they want their roles to leave a mark they can be proud of.

“I would like to get some kind of project going that is fairly memorable for the class,” Miller said. “The current leadership and I have some pretty ambitious ideas. Probably our biggest challenge is just going to be finding a way to get those going.”