Blog: Test, papers, and projects — oh my!

By Ada Zhang
Lariat Blogger

Test, papers, and projects — oh my! It’s that time of the semester where I look like a post-apocalyptic zombie and have zero tolerance for ANY sort of malarkey whatsoever. Do not come to me this week with your gossip or drama. Any other week it’d be fine, but not this week. Please just let me get through this week in peace.

Besides the collective crankiness of the Baylor student body (I’m guessing that many people share my sentiment, but I could be wrong), there are other signs that this week is going to be tough to get through.

1. No Parking at Moody

Well, at least I’m not suffering alone. But please, somebody leave. Like now.

2. No Available Table Seating

It’s like that scene in Forest Gump with all the mean kids on the bus. Everyone just glares at me, cowers over their biology notes, and says pseudo-politely, “Seat’s taken.”

3. Studying on a Couch

Are you kidding me. I’m going to have worst neck cramp tomorrow. Wait—this couch feels a lot like my bed, so soft and plushy. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and rest for a few seconds…

4. The Ridiculous Starbucks Line

Don’t care. I’m getting my three shots of espresso.

5. Stress Eating

Can potato chips be breakfast, lunch and dinner?

6. Everyone’s Shiny Hair


7. Conversations Revolving Around How Much Work We Have to do

If we all studied more than we complained, we’d probably have less to complain about. But who am I kidding—complaining is way more fun.

8. Circulating Conspiracy Theories

The professors. They had to have done this on purpose. They must’ve decided together that it’d be hilarious to make this week miserable for students.

I personally cannot wait for this week to be over so I can eat an entire large pizza by myself and partake in a mindless activity such as watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” (Don’t judge.) Sleep would be nice too.

To those of you who are also in agony this week, I’ll see you in Moody (as soon as I find parking).