DC initiative set to grow

By Abigail Loop
Staff Writer

Baylor’s new partnership with American University will offer students an intensive program for a wider array of studies across 12 areas of study.

In the past, Baylor allowed students to study at AU but without as many available majors. This is the first year students can study in the same program with regular Baylor tuition options.

Students who now take part in the program in Washington, D.C. will experience a curriculum including classwork, internships, research, field trips and events, according to a press release published by the University.

Claire Dykeman, special assistant to the dean of the Honors College, said students can earn classroom credit while utilizing their financial aid and scholarships. Housing options and meal plans will also be available.

For the first time, seniors can take part without worrying about the stipulation for graduating students, which requires the last 30 hours be at Baylor.

Many different areas of study are available in the program, including journalism and new media, international law and organization and public health.

“With 2,000 internships available and students getting to work with experts and build relationships, it’s a holistic experience,” Dykeman said. “It allows undergraduates to study while paying the same Baylor tuition and receive Baylor credit. It’s a great financial opportunity for students.”

Dykeman said while in D.C., students will spend three days in academic seminars and two days at an internship in their field of study. They will also have the opportunity to take a research course working with a faculty member.

“It gives hands on the ground experience,” Dkyeman said. “It allows students to network as well.”

Students interested in finding out more about the program can attend an interest meeting 4 p.m. today in 100 Morrison Hall.

*Editor’s note (Sept. 10, 2014) – This story has been edited to clarify that this a Baylor University initiative, not an Honors College initiative. As such, this program is open to all students.