Portion of riverwalk closed for game day

By Paula Ann Solis
City Editor

The portion of the Brazos Riverwalk under Interstate 35, which connects downtown to the McLane Stadium, is closed to pedestrians, said Waco Parks and Recreation Director Rusty Black.

Black said during last week’s game hundreds of pedestrians used the riverwalk to cross from downtown to the stadium, but they were not supposed to because the Texas Department of Transportation still has the area listed as under construction.

“There were some barricades put up in place out there that were supposed to prevent crowds from utilizing it,” Black said. “Someone just moved them and folks began to use it.”

Black said Waco Parks and Recreation are in contact with the Texas Department of Transportation and are trying to figure out if the area can be cleaned by local officials before today’s game, but he said he doubts they will get the construction cleared in time. The area will be more securely cut off from pedestrians during Baylor’s football game today, Black said.

“Park rangers in that area will basically be in that area and directing people across a few hundred yards out of the way,” Black said.

Pedestrians can cross from downtown to the stadium area using University Parks Drive or can utilize one of the free shuttles in the downtown area. Information about shuttle times and locations can be found at https://www.wacoheartoftexas.com/visitors/baylor-game-day/.