Students get the chance to walk down walls at McLane

By Rebecca Flannery
Staff Writer

The only thing better than getting to go inside McLane Stadium is getting to rappel down the side of it.

That’s the idea behind the fundraiser for Communities in Schools of the Heart of Texas, a Waco dropout prevention organization. Over the Edge, an international company that raises funds by offering donors the oportunity to go over the edge of a local building, promised to aid Communities in Schools with their fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 27.

Venee Hummell, resource development coordinator for Communities in Schools, said after they pursued the license to hold the Over the Edge event, they couldn’t have been more excited to get permission to use McLane Stadium as their venue.

“Our CEO has seen events from Over the Edge take place in various cities,” Hummell said. “But this will definitely be one of the best places we’ve seen. Everyone is so excited to go to the games, so why not go down the side of it too?”

Participants in the fundraiser must pledge to raise $1,000 and by securing the pledge with a credit card number, participants are guaranteed a spot to rappel down the side of McLane Stadium. Participants have 30 days after the event to complete the fundraising process.

“So far we have 37 people signed up to participate,” Hummell said. “Additionally, 10 people have already raised the $1,000 and continue to surpass that amount.”

After participants raise $1,500, they also get a free GoPro camera, and after $2,000, they get a free premium GoPro camera.

“In addition to the cameras, whoever raises the most money for the fundraiser will win two free continental U.S. round-trip airline tickets,” Hummell said.

The fundraiser has approximately 50 remaining spots for people to pledge for.

Tyler Gambrell, marketing manager for operations and facilities management at McLane Stadium, said the event is something Baylor is taking on with pride.

“We’re really excited about having it at the stadium,” Gambrell said. “It’s for such a great cause, and a great message to relay to the community.”

Further information about event registration is available at