Baylor raises awareness and funds for the poor through the series of physical team events

By Anja Rosales

The Baylor fitness and intramural departments have teamed up with Mission Waco to hold the Mission Waco Urban X Team Challenge at 8:45 a.m. May 3 at Mission Waco Jubilee Theater located at 1315 N. 15th St.

The competition will help raise awareness and funds for Mission Waco by holding a competition.

Van Davis, the assistant director for fitness and nutrition education at the McLane Student Life Center, helped put the event together.

“About seven or eight years ago they had something similar called the Waco X Games, but the competition wasn’t as extensive as it will be this year,” Davis said.

The Urban X Team Challenge consists of about 20 teams with four members per team. These teams will compete in a variety of sports and competition such as a one-mile run, four-on-four sand volleyball, three-on-three basketball, four-on-four soccer, a team rock climbing challenge, a team building challenge and a fitness challenge.

Jimmy Dorrell, the director of Mission Waco for 22 years, said this event wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for Davis coming to him and bringing the idea of a team challenge competition.

Dorrell said the area around North 15th Street has changed in the last 20 years.

“When I first moved to this area, just a couple of blocks away from North 15th Street, it was easily one of the poorest neighborhoods in Waco,” Dorrell said. “It was this realization that birthed Mission Waco. The area is much different than it was 20 years ago, different in a positive way.”

Mission Waco is an organization that helps overcome issues that cause oppression among the poor. The organization helps by enabling middle-class Americans to become more involved among the poor.

Dorrell said the funds raised would go straight to the program of Mission Waco that helps the poor receive legal help.

“The legal department doesn’t necessarily help with criminal issues, but more with civil issues and challenging different things,” Dorrell said.

Davis said she loves the physical activities and said she wanted to bring a healthy competition that students can compete in for a good cause.

“I just remember when I was a participant in the Waco X Games a couple of years ago,” Davis said. “I had the best time just being involved in a fun and competitive experience.”

Houston graduate student Andrew Sayers is signed up to participate in challenge and said he is excited to compete with friends as a way of raising funds and awareness for Mission Waco.

“I’m excited to just hang with good people for a good cause,” Sayers said. “Everyone loves winning, but it’s more about the cause first, then enjoying ourselves in competition.”

Waco senior Tyler Masaichy is also competing in the event and said as much as he is looking forward to the different games, he is also excited to see success with other teams. He said he liked the idea of using a team competition as a way to raise money and bring awareness.

“It’s a different way of helping out,” Masaichy said. “It’s really cool the way they put this all together to help raise awareness and funds.”

Davis said this is a great way to volunteer.

“Just because you didn’t sign up to compete doesn’t mean you can’t help out,” Davis said. “We would love for anyone to serve the community in any way possible.”

Davis said she is looking forward to helping out by competing in fun and healthy competition.

“I take any chance I get to help raise awareness and money for the cause that Mission Waco works towards,” Davis said. “I love Mission Waco for what they stand for and what they do for our community.”
Information on volunteer opportunities can be found at