Alpha Phi Omega sponsors blood bank ‘Gallon Challenge’

Flower Mound freshman Jordan Sharp donated blood April 21 on Fountain Mall. Alpha Phi Omega and Carter BloodCare periodically host blood drives on the Baylor campus throughout the semester.
Flowermound freshman Jordan Sharp donated blood yesterday on Fountain Mall.  Constance Atton I Lariat Photographer
Flowermound freshman Jordan Sharp donated blood yesterday on Fountain Mall.
Constance Atton I Lariat Photographer

By Anja Rosales

You don’t have to be Superman or Batman to save a life, just a student or staff member that is willing to take but a minute out of your time while walking through campus.

Baylor Alpha Phi Omega co-ed service fraternity is hosting a blood drive with Carter BloodCare throughout this week and also on Tuesday.

The blood drive is taking place in the Carter BloodCare buses located next to Fountain Mall and by the Bobo Spiritual Life Center. Students and staff can donate blood from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

Carter BloodCare is a non-profit organization that depends on patients in over 50 Texas counties. According to the organization, one blood donation can save up to three lives and as little as a thimbleful of blood can save a newborn’s life.

Austin senior Mitch Todd, co-chair for Alpha Phi Omega, said Carter BloodCare teams up with Alpha Phi Omega once each semester, hosts a blood drive. This semester is different from previous semesters due to a new project taking action.

“This semester we are starting something called the Gallon Challenge,” Todd said. “For every gallon of blood donated, we will match that with a gallon of water to donate to Mission Waco.”

Baylor is the first campus to take part in the Gallon Challenge. Todd said he hopes this project spreads to other campuses.

Houston senior Jasmine Singh, president of Alpha Phi Omega, said they got to choose Mission Waco as the organization to donate to from the Gallon Challenge. Singh said Carter BloodCare usually averages over one hundred units of blood each year from the drives on campus.

Sara Mabile, Account Consultant for Carter BloodCare, said how much of a success the organization has when coming to Baylor.

“When we have Baylor Week we bring all of our buses and almost all of our staff to come out because of how many donors we get coming in that week,” Mabile said.

She said last year Baylor Alpha Phi Omega won an award at the 2013 Carter BloodCare Texas Recognition Event, recognizing them for the highest number of units drawn annually.

Mabile said the during the 2013 year, Carter BloodCare totaled 685 units for the year solely from Baylor, beating out every organization that hosted blood drives with Carter BloodCare for that year.

“We really appreciate the opportunity that Baylor allows us to come out,” Mabile said.