Entertainment committee to give students new voice

By Madi Allen

Students can now have a say in what concerts and speakers they want to see on campus.

The Concerts and Speakers Committee, formed in April, gives students the opportunity to have input on the artists and speakers they want to see visit campus.

The committee is made up of three students and three advisers from Student Activities.

The purpose of the committee is to bring artists and speakers to campus that have been chosen by Baylor students. These events hosted by the Concerts and Speakers Committee will be separate from events such as Diadeloso or Christmas on Fifth, which are organized by Baylor Chamber of Commerce and Kappa Omega Tau, respectively.

The committee is its own organization that intends to bring more student-oriented entertainment to campus. This allows students not in a organization to have a say in what they want to see.

“We started this committee to engage students and get their opinions and ideas on bringing artists and interesting speakers to campus that the students really want to see,” said Cheryl Mathis, assistant director of campus programs and adviser for the committee.

The committee formed out of Student Activities, which hosts four functional areas with the Division of Student Life. These areas include Student Organizations, Campus Programs, Greek Life and the Student Union.

“We are hoping to see some true student involvement through this committee,” Mathis said.

Previously, artists and speakers had been chosen by Student Activities staff as opposed to students. This committee gives students the chance to have a say in the entertainment brought to campus.

“If we want an event for students, it’s best to see opinion from the students. This is a way they can be interactive for the entire community,” Mathis said.

Any student can join the committee but must first complete an application. The application can be obtained by contacting Mathis.

“We are currently in formation stage and are working on bringing artists and speakers for next fall,” said Jordy Dickey, assistant director of the student union and adviser to the committee.

There are five tentative concerts planned for next semester, beginning in September. The profit made from the concerts is budgeted to pay for the speakers that will visit campus.

“We are more flexible on speakers. We will start with about two a semester,” Bryant said.

The committee will continue to meet until the end of the semester. Throughout the summer, they will plan and finalize artists and speakers for next fall.