The Lariat endorses Dominic Edwards for student body president

Dominic Edwards
Dominic Edwards
Dominic Edwards

Arlington junior Dominic Edwards is the best candidate for student body president. His experience in leadership positions, focus on improving Baylor for future students and his demeanor make him the best fit that Baylor students should rally behind.

Last year, The Lariat endorsed Edwards for his current position as internal vice president. We trusted him to handle the duties of IVP, and he succeeded despite being dealt a difficult hand.

Most notably, he presided over the debate concerning the Sexual Conduct Code Non-Discrimination Act. His poise and professionalism during this tumultuous time indicates he should be able to handle future high-pressure situations with professionalism and do what is best for students.

Another touchy issue of great importance that Edwards handled well was the impeachment proceedings of his opponent, San Antonio sophomore Chase Hardy.

Hardy claims there was a discrepancy in his service hours which caused him to fall short of the required amount. While it may sound suspicious that one candidate attempted impeach another, it is the duty of the IVP to address the issues.

On top of that, the Student Senate voted to move forward with the proceedings. In light of these facts, we believe Edwards handled the situation professionally.

Perhaps most importantly, Edwards has been much more entrenched in student government than his opponent.
He convinced us that he knows the ins and outs, and the time he spent serving as IVP allows him to immediately hit the ground running. This means he will be ready start making things happen two weeks after finals end.

Edwards wants to leave Baylor a better place than he found it, and this is a goal we respected greatly.
In December, The Lariat ran an article pertaining to Baylor’s effort to establish a strong presence in Washington, D.C. Edwards emphasized the importance of establishing student involvement in this plan. His vision includes heavy student input in the process so that our opportunities are maximized alongside the university’s.

Another aspect of Edwards’ platform that impressed us was his focus on Baylor’s affordability. Edwards has set a goal of raising $100,000 for scholarships and has a plan to do so.

To many of us, college is a means to getting a job, and Edwards has a plan to help students in that regard as well. Edwards wants to create a student liaison program that will help tie major companies to Baylor. This will help improve Baylor’s job placement rate, which is something every student should get behind.

Throughout our interview with Edwards, it was obvious to every editorial member that he is the kind of person we wanted speaking to administrators. Edwards has experience bringing the student body’s concerns to higher authority, and each member thought he would be the more convincing, persistent and professional in this regard.

Everything Edwards addressed in his interview seemed to be important issues that impact a lot of students. His vision is holistic and will help the student body greatly.

Voting begins Wednesday and continues through Thursday. We encourage you to go to to elect Dominic Edwards for student body president.