Hail to the chief

Dominic Edwards

By Allyssa Schoonover

Student Body President

Chase Hardy:

Chase Hardy
Chase Hardy

As student body president, San Antonio sophomore Chase Hardy wants to be the student’s voice. In this role of advocacy, Hardy wants to meet three main goals. He wants to see participation in every aspect of campus, communication to and from students when big decisions are made and an increase in overall Baylor pride.

Hardy said he’s qualified to hold this position because he’s involved in every aspect of student life. He’s involved in Greek life as a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He has been a student senator for two years, and he’s involved with student ambassadors.

“Most importantly, though, it’s not the bullet points that qualify me but being involved in the different aspects of Baylor,” Hardy said. “I know the diverse and unique interests of the students.”

Hardy said the reason he was motivated to run for student body president is because he is the best candidate for the job.

Hardy said it’s his involvement with the school that sets him apart from his opponent. He said he isn’t a ‘yes’ man and is willing to be the student’s voice.

As far as the physical changes to campus, Hardy wants to see the repaving of Fifth Street. He also wants to ensure that student tailgating will be an enjoyable experience for the entire student body, not just those involved in organizations.

Dominic Edwards:

Dominic Edwards
Dominic Edwards

Bold advocacy, proven leadership” is the campaign slogan of Arlington junior Dominic Edwards. He said it’s important to be able to walk into a room of upper-level administrators and advocate for the student body, specifically to advocate for the affordability of a Baylor education.

“I’m currently the internal vice president,” Edwards said. “I’ve had a chance to grow through this. I feel like I know the organization inside and out.”

He said he has served on three or four committees and has had the opportunity to meet and work with many important people at Baylor. He said he knows how to get things done.

“So many times as students you’ll hear ‘no,’ and I think that through my three years in student government I’ve learned tenacity and not giving up,” Edwards said.

There is also a program he wants to start called corporate ambassadors, student liaisons that will help current Baylor students to find jobs more easily.

In addition to this, he wants to improve Baylor’s presence in Washington, D.C., and start a program similar to Baylor in New York.

Lastly, he wants to bring a commencement speaker for graduation, someone to congratulate students as they graduate.

His motivation for running for this office is students; he wants to make a difference and believes he has the tools to serve them well.

Dominic Edwards:

External Vice President

Kristen Miller:

Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller

Woodville sophomore Kristyn Miller said she wants to extend the relationships Baylor has with a lot of external agencies.

“I want them to go deeper and be more fruitful, especially with MCC and TSTC,” Miller said. “I want to see how we can work together for a better student climate and how can we unite and be beneficial toward Waco.”

She said she wants to see a student regent position added to the city council, a non-voting member that would sit in on meetings and give opinions. She also wants to add a mentorship program for student government members to volunteer with the Waco Independent School District student councils.

She has worked with the current EVP and has served at the Chief of Staff this year.

“There is a lot of value in pouring into the city,” Miller said. “I have a huge passion for this office and I really love Waco. I think the city is really important.”

She wants to expand relationships beyond just downtown Waco.

“Waco’s impression of Baylor isn’t super favorable and it will take time and effort to improve,” Miller said.

Miller said she loves Waco and wants to continue to put in the hard work and energy that her predecessors have established.

Dominic Edwards:

Internal Vice President

Lawren Kinghorn:

Lawren Kinghorn
Lawren Kinghorn

As Internal Vice President, Katy sophomore Lawren Kinghorn’s goal is to build relationships among organizations on campus.

“I think there’s a lot we can accomplish if we work together,” Kinghorn said.

This year she helped organize a student leader reception. They invited all of the presidents of various organizations and were able to bring people together that wouldn’t usually interact.

“I’ve been a part of student government for two years,” Kinghorn said. “It’s become a huge part of my life. You meet people from all around campus and I’ve served in a myriad of roles.”

This year she worked closely with the internal vice president Dominic Edwards, which she feels will aid her during her term. She also spoke about the strong work ethic her parents have instilled in her and how this makes her dedicated to her future work as IVP. Kinghorn has served as the public relations chair for student government this past year.

Although it has made campaigning much easier she wishes there was more competition for leadership in student government.

Dominic Edwards: