Counseling center aids frazzled students

By Jessica Abbey

Eighty percent of college students say they experience stress daily, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

The counseling center on campus, however, is doing something to improve mental health of students.

The counseling center is setting up an evening for students to enjoy improvised comedy by the Guerrilla Troupe, games and free giveaways in an event that focuses on stress relief.

The event will be from 7 to 9 p.m. April 3 at the Bill Daniel Student Center and will provide resources for students to learn how they can relieve stress. Students normally have to pay $3 to see a Guerrilla Troupe performance, but the group is performing for free as a part of the outreach program.

Gabriela Olaguibel, the graduate apprentice for the wellness department, said the event was called “Virtual Vacation” last year and focused on mediation and breathing techniques for relieving stress. This year, however, the event will offer stress relief through fun and comedy. The event will feature a stress ball building station, a popcorn machine, free T-shirts and other giveaways.

Olaguibel said she hopes giving the event a new spin will make it more appealing for students.

Kristin Abbott, the graduate apprentice for outreach at the counseling center, said she wants the event’s benefits to extend beyond the couple of hours students are there.

“We also want them to walk away with skills to have fun and de-stress on their own,” Abbott said.

Franklin, Tenn., junior Henry Greenberg is one of the students performing with Guerrilla Troupe at the stress outreach event. He said he hopes the performance will bring students on stage and allow them to play games in order to interact with the audience.

“We’re hoping to use comedy to show people how to escape stress,” Greenberg said. “They always say laughter is the best medicine and I agree.”