Career fair offers opportunity to network for jobs

By Madi Allen

Companies will gather Wednesday to sniff out eager students, new hires and potential interns.

Baylor’s Professional Development Program will hold a Marketing and Professional Selling Career Fair at 4 p.m in Cashion Academic Center.

The career fair is open to all students, and 51 companies such as Federal Insurance, Google and The Buckle will be represented at the fair.

“These companies are looking for full time hires and interns, so I encourage all students to come and network,” said Amanda Rodriguez, corporate relations consultant for the Center of Professional Selling. “You never know where a connection is going to lead.”

This semester the career fair is hosting 20 companies more than it has in the past, an all time high attributed to the growing success of Baylor graduates.

“Companies are realizing the potential of Baylor students,” Rodriguez said. “They have had good relations with Baylor alumni and are interested in the students.”

The purpose of the fair is to allow students the opportunity to network on a professional level and build relationships that could benefit them in the future. There will be no more than four companies representing an industry, allowing for a diverse fair.

“We want to provide a wide variety of companies so the students can meet as many people as possible,” Rodriguez said.

According to the Professional Development Program website, the Professional Development Program prepares students for a successful college-to-career transition. Developed for Marketing and Professional Selling students within the Hankamer School of Business, the PDP is a student-run program with a series of events designed to facilitate learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom.

“It allows me to get in touch with the companies on a professional front,” said San Francisco junior Michael Summers, one of the student leaders in charge of the fair.