Bill aims to allow ROTC cadets early registration

By Allyssa Schoonover

Nearly 20 ROTC cadets attended the Student Senate meeting Thursday night and witnessed the passing of a bill that could allow them to register earlier for classes.

It will now be up to the provost and registrar’s offices as to whether this will be implemented.

ROTC cadets struggle like many students to get registered for their necessary classes. However, they have added obstacles to schedule around. They have morning workouts that make it difficult to get to 8 a.m. classes on time. They also have mandatory afternoon training labs that are difficult to schedule classes around, especially if those classes are only offered at one time.

“An average day for an ROTC cadet starts at 5 a.m. and doesn’t stop until they get done with regular classes, and then attends three-hour tactical and leadership development class, sometimes before extracurricular (activities), and then homework,” said Edmond, Okla., senior Virgil Walker, an ROTC cadet and student senator.

Walker said Baylor may not be a top military school, but it is still on an unofficial ‘do not cut’ list.

“We all know that the general notion about getting up early to register for classes is difficult,” aid Bushland senior Trenton Garza, a student senator. “ROTC students are usually confined to very particular departments like aviation sciences and engineering. I don’t feel like it will inhibit other students, but it will be an excellent benefit for the ROTC students.”

“We are required to do so many things, even more so than some student athletes,” said Walker. “The commitment during school and after school makes the ROTC cadets deserving of early registration.”

This bill suggests that ROTC students register no earlier than Baylor Business Fellows and no later than seniors on the Dean’s list.