Cameron Park assault suspect issued citation

By Rae Jefferson
Staff Writer

Waco police issued a citation to a suspect in an assault at Cameron Park in January.

Natalio Jimenez Rubio, 21, was identified in a line-up as the man who inappropriately touched a female jogger near Jacob’s Ladder at noon on Jan. 28, Waco police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said Monday.

Police issued a Class “C” Assault, or Physical Contact, citation, as well as advised Rubio away from the Cameron Park area with a criminal trespass warning.
A second incident occurred on Jan. 29 when another female jogger encountered a man with his hands in his pants, gesturing for the woman to follow him.

The men in both incidents fit the same description, but Rubio was only identified in the first.
Rubio was listed as a person of interest on Jan. 29 after the second incident, and was stopped by police before noon a few blocks away from Cameron Park after they received a call about that same day’s incident.