Chapel to collect money to help African orphans

By Madi Allen and Ashley Altus

In what began as a philanthropic effort by Phi Kappa Chi, Baylor students have taken on a new ambition with the founders of, Inc.

Baylor students will be challenged to “Change the World in a Day” by donating $10 to, Inc. February 5 to raise $40,000.

A donor will match the funds given in Chapel to raise Phi Kappa Chi’s total anticipated amount of $80,000.

“There are 3,500 students enrolled in Chapel,” said Dr. Burt Burleson, university chaplain. “If they don’t drink two cups of coffee that week, they could have the money and could change the world for kids in orphanages.”

The money will fund an education building and dining facility to complete a primary school for more than 80 children between the ages of 6-12, Burleson said.

Houston sophomore Josh Philip, philanthropy chair for Phi Kappa Chi, came to Burleson this past spring for a way to raise the money for the fraternity’s philanthropy.

“I wanted to bring LeCrae to Baylor to host a concert,” Philip said.

Because of the difficulties of organizing such an event, Burleson instead suggested a pass-the-plate service in chapel to “Change the World in a Day” so all the money raised could go to the organization. Money will be collected by passing buckets in Chapel and also providing a way to donate online.

Founders of Inc., Baylor alumni Nick Martineau, Matt Flanigan and Geoff Price presented their mission and ongoing ministry work in Uganda on Wednesday in chapel. These alumni went on a mission trip about 10 years ago organized by the former university chaplain.

Baylor students and Phi Kappa Chi members participated in the trip.

Burleson said their experience inspired them to do something to care for the orphans and start a nonprofit organization to support Arise Africa International, an existing Ugandan ministry, in its efforts to build a children’s center in Bukaleba, Uganda.

According to the goal of the organization is to serve the helpless, restore lives and awaken a place of hope and love for the children of Africa. If things go well, other nonprofits will be able to apply for this spot for the spring chapel and students in a committee will select an organization to have a “change the world in a day” offering of their own, Burleson said.

“The end goal is for this event is to become a Baylor tradition,” Philip said. “I’d love to raise the full amount, and even if we don’t make our goal, is that really a loss?”