Kings Club teaches Waco kids about Christianity, Christmas

By Abigail Loop

Baylor Urban Missions is giving children of the Waco community a chance to have fun while learning more about Christianity and the Christmas story.

The Baylor children’s ministry group, Kings Club is partnered with Mission Waco. Kings Club has separated into two groups to further interact, teach and play with the children at Kate Ross and Ashton Oaks Apartments.

Kings Club at Ashton Oaks, which meets on Wednesdays, and Kings Club at Kate Ross Apartments, which meets on Thursdays, are Baylor students who want to make a difference in the lives of children in inner city Waco.

With the end of the semester approaching, the two groups are planning something special for their last meeting with the children to get them into the Christmas spirit.

San Antonio senior Sarah Rabke, co-leader for Kings Club at Ashton Oaks, said one of the main goals of the group is to teach these children about Christianity.

“Next week, we’re going to be doing Christmas crafts and have a birthday cake for Jesus,” Rabke said. “Our main purpose is to build relationships with these kids and cultivate an awareness of Christianity in them.”

Rabke said for her, seeing these kids participate and learn about the Gospel is one of the best things about being a part of the group.

“It’s given me a great community at Baylor by being in this,” she said. “Being able to see these kids’ hearts is the most rewarding thing.”

Kingwood junior Lindsey Burnett, co-leader for Kings Club at Kate Ross Apartments, said she enjoys spending time with the kids, and the meetings with them are good for both children and students.

“I think the simplicity of the relationship with these kids is so refreshing,” Burnett said. “At our last meeting we’re going to be bringing books for them and have Christmas treats. For them, it’s nice to have young adults value them.”

Throughout the semester, students who are a part of these groups have gone to these two apartment complexes and have engaged with the children there by reading Bible stories, playing games and having snack time.

Burnett said anyone is welcome to volunteer with both Kings Club groups anytime and are also encouraged to donate supplies at the Bobo Spirtual Life Center.

By emailing Burnett or Rabke, students can find out more on how to join or donate supplies.

“We encourage consistent volunteers. You can join anytime,” Burnett said. “Also, people can donate books, chalk, soccer balls and bubbles. Just kid stuff.”

Baylor Urban Missions Coordinator Carole Meriwether said Mission Waco is accepting donations as well and she believes the Kings Clubs are great for the kids.

“This will be a great way to brighten the kids’ day as well as help share the Christmas story with them,” Meriwether said.