Three arrested in relation to drug ring near Baylor

Larry Koss O

By Paula Ann Solis
Staff Writer

The investigation of drug distribution near Baylor’s campus continues as three more people sit in McLennan County Jail after a drug ring that targeted college students was raided Friday, said Lt. Joe Coy, the criminal investigator for the McGregor Police Department.

Le’Ann Keogh Koss, 60, Larry Phillip Koss, 58, and Connor Phillip Koss, 25, were arrested in the 5200 block of Chaparral near Lake Waco after McGregor officials obtained a search warrant, according to a press release by the McGregor Police Department.

All three are being held at McLennan County Jail and have been charged with money laundering over $200,000, delivery of more than 5 pounds of hashish and delivery of more than 5 pounds of marijuana. According to McLennan County inmate records, each inmate’s bond is set at $400,000.

Coy said the arrest was a joint effort by the McGregor, Robinson and Lorena police departments. Officers from Woodway’s SWAT unit were also present during the arrests.

Le'ann Koss O“A lot of it is just agencies banding together for resource purposes,” Coy said. “You want to protect not just the surrounding neighbors, but you want to make sure your officers are well protected. We used teams that have a specialized function and experience in this type of arrest.”

During the raid of Koss’s home, which is approximately eight miles west of campus, Coy said police confiscated 8 pounds of marijuana, 15 pounds of hashish, an assault rifle, three handguns and approximately $250,000. Coy said the value of the drugs confiscated is close to $120,000.

Coy said the united police front was necessary based on the violent criminal history of one of the arrestees, Larry Phillip Koss. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety records, Koss was convicted of murder in Waco in 1983 and sentenced to 10 years probation.

Larry Koss is also a motor skills specialist in Waco and owner of “Stretch for Life,” a therapeutic center for stroke, neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease and dystonia patients through stretching techniques, according to the company’s website.

Connor Koss OCoy said the investigation into the drug ring mainly involved the growing, cultivating and processing of high-grade marijuana that was sold to other regular distributors along with individual users in the Waco area.

He said the McGregor police began investigating the Koss family two months ago.

Future arrests stemming from this raid, Coy said, are not certain yet. This drug raid is the third one in a five-month span near campus but the first in which Baylor students were not charged. The first two raids also involved marijuana distribution.

The first drug raid near campus was in late August and involved one Baylor graduate, two then-students and one former student. A drug ring distributed close to $40,000 worth of marijuana and other illegal substances such as prescription pills to Baylor students. Coy said more than 50 Baylor students were believed to be retail customers.

Baylor Police Department, though not involved in this latest raid, was involved with the arrest of the first four and of two more individuals who were arrested in the next raid that occurred in October. None of the arrestees from either raid are listed as current Baylor students.