Pi Kappa Phi cleared of all allegations

By Kristin Burns

Pi Kappa Phi has returned to campus in full with no sanctions upon the conclusion of an investigation into activities concerning pledges.

“The interim suspension was lifted on October 28,” said Georgetown junior Matthew Corrigan, president of Pi Kappa Phi. “They notified our president at the time via phone call, and we got an email from our director of accountability and education from nationals.”

The investigation was launched as a result of an anonymous tip from an individual not involved with the fraternity, Corrigan said.

“They found essentially nothing,” he said. “It wasn’t anyone affiliated with us. At that time, when they lifted the suspension, they didn’t find anything.”

The national office of Pi Kappa Phi investigated Baylor’s chapter for “alleged inappropriate new member activity,” said Justin Angotti, the assistant executive director of education and accountability from the national office of Pi Kappa Phi.

“After an abundance of caution, the chapter was suspended pending an investigation,” said Baylor Law School lecturer David Henry, the faculty adviser for the chapter. “They found that there was no problem.”

Henry said there was no foundation for the allegations.

“There were no consequences, no sanctions, no fines, nothing,” Corrigan said. “They’re not going to keep more careful watch on us more than they would any other chapter or any other organization.”

Henry said the fraternity was not charged with any sort of misconduct.

“This is a classic situation where everyone needs to wait until the facts come out,” he said. “Things are not really what they seem.”

Corrigan said he was not aware of any rumors circulating on campus about Pi Kappa Phi and he would not speculate about any perceived rumors.

“If there are any active investigations against our chapter, I would know about it,” he said. “At this time, there are not.”