Runners splashed with color for cancer cause

The Waco Color Me Rad 5k will raise money for Susan G. Komen Central Texas. Participants will be showered with colored cornstarch from the race’s start to its finish.  (Courtesy Photo)
The Waco Color Me Rad 5k will raise money for Susan G. Komen Central Texas. Participants will be showered with colored cornstarch from the race’s start to its finish. (Courtesy Photo)
Abigail Loop

Waco will soon become a lot more colorful.

The Color Me Rad 5k will begin at 9 a.m October 26 at BSR Cable Park in Waco, giving the Baylor and Waco communities the opportunity support a charity.

Color Me Rad is a race known for its one main feature: throwing color. Race participants can expect to finish the race with their clothes looking more vibrant than when they started.

James Stewart, a race director with Color Me Rad, said the race is based on the Indian celebration of Holi, which welcomes the spring season every year.

“We wanted to do a race involved with color like that,” Stewart said. “It is a good stepping stone to getting healthy and with the party-like atmosphere, it makes people want to join.”

Participants are encouraged to show up to the race in white clothing. As the race progresses, each section of the run adds a new burst of colorful powder made of cornstarch, which is thrown by the Color Bomb Squad.

The finish line is where the color really comes out and lives up to the Color Me Rad name. Everyone will get color bombs, which are packets of color, to throw at one another. Participants will meet across the finish line to give one another a “bright” welcome.

Whether a person walks or runs, everyone is invited to join in the Color Me Rad 5k.

“It’s non-competitive,” Stewart said. “If you walk or if you run, it’ll be a good time. Plus, by participating, part of the proceeds will go to whatever local charity we are partnering with in the location we are at.”

When registering for the race, people will be donating money to Susan G. Komen Central Texas, a foundation dedicated to breast cancer awareness and research. This year, the organization will act as a charity partner for Color Me Rad in Waco.

Destiny DeLillo, executive director of Susan G. Komen Central Texas, said she is happy that by being a charity partner for the race, more people will become aware of breast cancer.

“We are very excited to be part of this event,” DeLillo said. “This race touches younger people and it’s our intention to make people more aware. Whatever money we raise or receive, 75 percent goes to local resources and the other 25 percent goes to our headquarter research in Dallas.”

Sugar Land junior Walta Nemariam is already signed up for the race with her team, Domination Formation. She thinks the race will be not only fun to participate in but will also be a good way to raise awareness of breast cancer.

“I always wanted to do Color Me Rad and I wanted to do something fun and different,” Nemariam said. “I intend on wearing all white. As for Komen being the charity partner, I think any funding for them will be a good opportunity to raise awareness. People in our community have fought with breast cancer and with the help of Komen, it could help these people.”

Abilene junior Amber Reese, a member of Domination Formation, enjoyed a similar race in her hometown.

“I participated in The Color Run race that came to Abilene and it was a lot of fun,” Reese said. “It’s just really cool seeing everyone doing it and participating as a community. I especially love the end of the race. I looked like a Smurf. I also think if people incorporate some pink in their outfits that day, it would be cool to show support for breast cancer awareness.”

Stewart said besides having Color Me Rad in America, it is looking to expand.

“We do 100 races throughout America, but we’re taking it to Asia and Australia,” he said. “We want people to have fun and get out there.”

People interested in entering the race have until Friday to sign up for late registration, as an individual or as a team, both for the price of $45. To register, visit

To volunteer to be a part of the Color Bomb Squad, the group that throws colorful powder at race participants from the sidelines, people can email