Painting shop passes brush to amateurs

Painting with a Twist FTWBy Haley Davis

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Children paint beautiful pictures for someone special, even if they are only beautiful in their innocent eyes and the eyes of the receiver. As people grow up, many put away their paints, crayons and watercolors for other things like writing papers, reading and schoolwork.

But as midterms approach, Baylor students can take a study break to paint a beautiful picture at Painting with a Twist.

Painting with a Twist is a company that gives anyone a chance to be an artist. They have been open nationally for five years and have 84 locations all over the country. The Waco location on Valley Mills Drive has been open for 18 months.

Painting with a Twist offers classes every day of the week. Each class has a different painting, and amateur artists get to test their abilities.

“We have 10 passionate artists who come and teach our classes,” Waco owner Diane Castello said. “They are people who just love to paint.”

The local artists guide the class step by step to make a unique picture, and each person can added his or her own personal touch.

“People shouldn’t be intimidated if they can’t draw even a stick figure. All of our paintings are really easy, and most of our artists used to be teachers so they break each painting down,” Castello said.

Katy senior Rebecca Klein, who has painted with the company before, said she loved her experience.

“I love my painting I did.” Klein said. “I look at it, and I can’t believe I actually painted it. They made it so easy and fun; I want to go back again.”

During the month of October, they will be offering the chance to paint Halloween themed paintings, ranging from friendly pumpkins to a spooky cemetery.

Prospective painters can register a couple of days in advance online and pick a painting. Two-hour classes are $35 and three-hour classes are $45. People are encouraged to bring snacks to the classes for a more enjoyable experience.

They also have three party rooms available for private parties, which are perfect for birthdays, bridal showers or just a night out with friends. The rooms can serve up to 40 people. With private parties, the host and guests decide what painting they want to learn to paint.

Painting with a Twist’s main goal is to give their customers a chance to create a painting while socializing and enjoying time with friends.

“We give people an opportunity to be creative and expressive themselves with art,” Castello said. “We give them plenty of time to socialize during the class, then they get to leave with a unique souvenir that reminds them of their memories made with friends or someone special.”