Eli Young Band kicks off Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo

EliYoungBand FTWBy Alexa Brackin
News Editor

Texas country crooners Eli Young Band will be performing on the main stage Saturday at the annual Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo. The Lariat had the chance to chat with drummer of the band, and discuss their future and passion for music.

Q: How has your career changed with the success of the “Life at Best” album?

A: Things have taken off in a good way. We’ve seen some of the biggest crowds we’ve seen, especially being on the Kenny Chesney Tour this year.
It’s been pretty incredible.

Q: In your opinion, what made “Crazy Girl” and “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” as successful as they have been?

A: I think at the end of the day, it’s about people seeing something about your music that reflects something in their own life – “Crazy Girl” & “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” are two of those kinds of songs.

Both of those songs say something that most everyone has felt at some point.

With “Crazy Girl,” it’s the point in a relationship no matter which side you’re on where either someone says they need to step away, but they still love you — or that someone needs to hear that — that they’re loved unconditionally.

With “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” – everyone has a dream – something that they’ll go to the mat for. It obviously spoke to us because we’ve been chasing this dream of playing music for so long. But it’s a universal thing.

And both of these songs said things that everyone can relate to – but in a way that we’ve never heard anyone else or any other song say them before.

Q: So, in 11 years, most bands have seen some turnover in their lineup. How have you guys stuck together for that long?

A: At the end of the day, we’re still four best friends who went to college together. We’ve learned how to solve problems together, play music together, run a business together. We been there with each other through some of the biggest moments of our lives – as the 4 of us and now with our families.

Q: How do you think your music has evolved from your first album in 2002?

A: I think our music has evolved as our lives have evolved and changed – as we’ve gotten older, gotten married and started having families, your music progresses with that too.

Q: Congrats on the success of “Drunk Last Night” thus far! Why do you think this song, more than others, resonates with fans?

Thanks. I think this song, much like “Crazy Girl” or “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” – is about something that alot of us have experienced.

Guys especially know what it’s like to be in the position where you know you probably shouldn’t have made that call at that time – but you’ve done it.

And the guy in the song isn’t a jerk – so you can’t help but like him a little bit.

Q: What’s up next for the Eli Young Band?

A: We’re finishing up the new album and looking forward to it coming out early next year, looking forward to the CMA’s next month and are pretty pumped about being nominated for Group of the Year and looking forward to the “Drunk Last Night Tour” that we’re kicking off right now through the end of the year. Life’s been busy but really, really good.